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Proud Scotland Awards 2020


The Proud Scotland Awards 2020 took place last Saturday, and Pride Saltire East Lothian had interest in one particular award.

No! We weren't nominated for anything, unfortunately. We were interested in the John Johnston Community Champion Award. As a group, we feel that the renaming of this category is a beautiful tribute to our founder and Chair, who left us all so suddenly in May.

In recent years John spent a substantial amount of his time working with the LGBTQ+ community: through his involvement with LEAP Sports; the work he did for Pride Edinburgh’s Community Fair; and by establishing Pride Saltire East Lothian. Regardless of the group or the activity, John always looked for ways to include and involve the LGBTQ+ community.

So we were thrilled, on Saturday, to discover that Kathryn Pierce from Somewhere was the first recipient of this award. We know that John would be delighted with the result too. Our congratulations also go to the other nominees for this award: Douglas Morgan – who won the Outstanding Contribution to LGBTQI+ Life Award; and Natalie Scott – who won the Judges Grand Commendation for Education and Civil Rights Award.

The full list of 2020 Award Nominees and Award Winners can be found on the Proud Scotland Awards website.

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