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Pride Saltire Website Update


You may have noticed that we’ve given our site a little bit of a makeover, with the help of our friends at [gawr-juhs]. Most of the changes are invisible to the viewer, but for us, they will make it easier for Team Pride Saltire to update and manage our site. And we hope that you will find the stories we add to our new News page to be interesting and beneficial.

All these changes were discussed with, and approved by, John Johnston at the beginning of 2020. However due to the strange times that we’re currently living through, they’ve only recently been implemented.

We’ve also changed our email address. The previous one was a personal account, that could only be accessed by John. However our new one – – is shared amongst team members. That means we can respond quicker to enquiries via email and through our website contact form.

In addition we’re also looking for LGBTQ+ community members from East Lothian who want to join Pride Saltire. People who want to help create and run events and activities that will benefit others within our region. If you’ve got fresh ideas on what we should be doing, then we would love to hear from you.

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