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Pride Saltire Online Festival


A year ago Pride Saltire East Lothian lost our founder and Chair, John Johnston, very suddenly and unexpectedly. Since then a few close friends have been maintaining Pride Saltire, in order to keep his spirit alive. We're all keen that the foundation, that he created, builds into a positive legacy.

Due to the ongoing COVID situation and advice from the Scottish Government, it hasn’t been possible for Pride Saltire East Lothian to organise a live event this year. However we felt a need to celebrate John’s life, especially as most of us didn’t get the opportunity to say goodbye to him properly. In addition we’d like Pride Saltire to reconnect with the LGBTQ+ community of East Lothian, and its allies, as we approach the Pride month of June.

Throughout the afternoon of Saturday 22 May 2021 we’ll be sharing a few videos clips on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed from the 2019 Pride Saltire East Lothian Festival, that took place at Cockenzie House & Gardens. We’d like people to remember all the great work that John did in organising that event, and bringing the whole community together.

Looking forward, we’ve recently received offers of assistance from new members of the East Lothian community. We view this as a great positive, as it should ensure the continuation of Pride Saltire East Lothian for the foreseeable future.

Finally we would like to thank Councillor Shamin Akhtar for her continued support of Pride Saltire, and the Provost of East Lothian – Councillor John McMillan – for agreeing to fly the Pride Flag over The Brunton in Musselburgh and the Council’s Headquarters in Haddington to coincide with our small online event. This was an aim of John’s, and he’d be thrilled to know that this was going to happen.

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